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Corporation Bach 42B with Instrument Innovations valve

This is a nice Corporation Bach 42B with an Instrument Innovations valve. Really good sounding horn. It does all you ask of a really good Bach. This one seems to have a beautiful sound built in... Don't know how to tell it otherwise, it just sings nicely in all ranges and all dynamics. The

Corporation Bach 42B with Instrument Innovations valve2020-10-02T10:47:31+02:00

Lawler Big Boy

Roy Lawler is building trombones since 35 years and all his horns are made by him from start to finish. His shop is very much like a brass pro shop of the past. No computerized machines. All hands on manual machines as well as hand picked sheet brass make for a vintage sounding trombone

Lawler Big Boy2020-05-24T15:12:40+02:00
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