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Used vintage and custom tenor trombones for sale at Swisstbone! I try to bring you the nicest tenor trombones from the used market at great prices! Are you looking for that rare Thein tenor trombone at a used price! Here you may be able to find it!

In the past I have sold quite a lot of large bore tenor trombones, but I can also find you the perfect small bore King, Yamaha, Bach etc.

I have somewhat specialized in Bach Corporation large bore tenor trombones. So if you are looking for a nice Corporation 42G or even a 42 from the New York or Mount Vernon era, keep my site in mind!

Corporation Bach Extravaganza #1: 42b yellow brass bell!

Corporation Bach Extravaganza #1: 42b yellow brass bell!2023-01-03T09:24:43+01:00

Yamaha YSL681B tenor trombone

Yamaha YSL681B tenor trombone2022-01-12T08:31:46+01:00

Hagmann custom tenor trombone

Hagmann custom tenor trombone2022-03-09T08:04:53+01:00

Elkhart Conn 88H, 1968

Elkhart Conn 88H, 19682021-11-29T16:25:25+01:00

Original Greenhoe tenor trombone

Original Greenhoe tenor trombone2022-01-14T15:35:20+01:00

Corporation Bach 42B from 1976

Corporation Bach 42B from 19762021-10-29T17:05:16+02:00

King 4B tenor trombone

King 4B tenor trombone2021-07-04T13:22:45+02:00

Shires large bore tenor trombone

Shires large bore tenor trombone2022-03-16T12:55:20+01:00

Bach 42T tenor trombone

Bach 42T tenor trombone2021-11-16T14:01:12+01:00

Bach 42G Friedman

Bach 42G Friedman2021-09-29T13:35:23+02:00
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