Competition rules

We wanted to keep this competition as simple as possible. So everyone can take part in the experience. Those rules will help for everyone to have a smooth experience.

Please make sure to read especially the points “Recording instructions” and “Audience pick”.

If any point of those rules isn’t clear, don’t hesitate to write us a message at

1. General rules

The competition is open to trombonists of all nationalities and background. Age limits are described in the section “4. Categories”. The competition purpose is to give them motivation and inspiration during the COVID-19 crisis.

The competition takes place 100% online. Videos are uploaded to YouTube and the participants inform the organizers of the competition by filling out an online form.

Only recordings without accompaniment will be accepted.

2. Submissions

All competitors have to upload their video to YouTube following the instructions in art. 3. They have to fill out the online form at

Submission deadline is August 23, 2020.

Organizers can end submissions early if the number of participants exceeds expectations and makes it impossible to judge all submissions on a fair base.

3. Recording instructions

Recordings must be uploaded to YouTube. Video titles are to be set as:

Swisstbone contest, Name of Category, first name last name, set piece/name of own choice piece

Swisstbone contest, Tenor Young Talents, John Walker, set piece

Swisstbone contest, Bass Students, John Walker, Grondahl concerto

There is to be absolutely no editing of any audio or video submitted to the competitions. Editing is defined as any alteration to the recorded performance from the first to the last note. (It is permitted and advisable to trim the beginning or end of each file, i.e. before the music begins or after it concludes.)

The performer has to be continuously visible throughout the entire performance.

No accompaniment allowed for the set piece or for the own choice piece.

Recording must be recorded from a single position.

Be sure to carefully set gain levels during recording and normalize the audio (if necessary) before submitting. This allows judges to more easily hear all recordings equally. Adjustment to the overall recorded volume of the track does not constitute editing.

Auto gain features should be disabled on your recording device to allow for an accurate dynamic representation of the performance

Video submissions should have audio and video properly synced. Out-of-sync audio and video may be considered reasons for disqualification. Make sure to preview your final video file both before AND after upload to ensure that the video and audio remain in-sync throughout your performance.

Recordings have to be available on YouTube with the setting “public” at least until results proclamation.

Insufficient recording quality may result in disqualification.

4. Categories

4 categories:

1. Tenor “Young talents”
Age: 0 – 20 years (born after 1st January 2000)
Tenor trombone

2. Tenor “Students”
Age: 21 – 25 years (born between 1st January 1995 and 31 December 1999)
Tenor trombone

3. Bass “Young talents Bass”
Age: 0 – 20 years (born after 1st January 2000)
bass trombone

4. Bass “Students Bass”
Age: 21 – 25 years (born between 1st January 1995 and 31 December 1999)
bass trombone

One jury for each category. It is possible to participate in the tenor and bass trombone competition.

5. Audience pick

A special category for the participant with the most social media likes on YouTube and Facebook for his/her set piece + his/her own choice piece on September 1, 2020.

Once a recording is uploaded to YouTube and transmitted to the organizers of the competition through the online form, it will appear on the YouTube channel
and on the Facebook page

within 24 hours.

Only likes on those two pages are taken into account. Make sure you share videos from those accounts, not your personal accounts!

Should your video not appear within 24 hours after registration on those two accounts, please contact Delay in publishing your videos on the aforementioned accounts cannot be a reason for claiming prizes or compensation.

6. Set pieces

Set pieces for all categories are two contrasting movements of the Bach Cello Suites. The movements can be from two different Suites.

7. Own choice pieces

Competitors choose one piece or etude they want to present as own choice piece. Maximal length is 5 minutes. Long breaks in the own choice piece can be left out.

8. Jury

Each category has one jury consisting of at least 3 adjudicators. The jury evaluates the participant’s performances and picks winners for each category. All jury decisions are final. No comments are made on the participant’s performances.

9. Results

Results will be announced on and on social media after August 23, 2020.

10. Prizes

Prizes are announced on