Butler trombone mutes

Butler Trombones is revolutionizing the world of trombone playing with their cutting-edge carbon fiber instruments and customizations.

Dave Butler’s latest innovation is an adjustable cup/straight mute made from a unique combination of carbon fiber and 3D printed carbon fiber/nylon. Unlike traditional mutes, this mute is infinitely adjustable through the manipulation of the cup and the velcro strips that move the corks up or down. The flexibility and durability of the 3D printed carbon fiber/nylon cup ensure that it won’t dent, while the entire mute weighs a mere 120 grams (4.2 oz) for the tenor and 170 grams (5.9 oz) for the bass, less than half the weight of aluminum mutes.

This lightweight design reduces stress and improves musicality, making it an essential accessory for those looooong rehearsals.