Laskey mouthpieces

Scott Laskey began creating mouthpieces in 1985 and quickly rose to become one of the top mouthpiece makers in the industry. However, Scott passed away in 2018, and production of his mouthpieces ceased. In 2019, the Laskey Company was acquired by Backun Musical Services, a well-known company among woodwind players for its innovative clarinet and accessory designs, as well as its investment in industry-leading measuring and CNC technologies and manufacturing techniques.

The new company now produces horn and tuba mouthpieces, and in 2023, they announced the release of the Alessi trombone mouthpiece series. In collaboration with trombone star Joseph Alessi, they developed six tenor trombone mouthpieces, which are detailed in the mouthpiece chart below.

ModelRim IDRim ODThroat IDBackbore IDCup depth
55 SOLO25.5039.147.1611.13Mid-Shallow
55 SYMPH25.5039.147.1611.13Mid-Deep
60 SOLO26.0039.677.1611.13Mid-Shallow
60 SYMPH26.0039.677.4411.13Mid-Deep
67 SOLO26.7040.447.1611.13Mid-Shallow
67 SYMPH26.7040.447.4411.13Mid-Deep

Please note that I only carry silver plated large shank mouthpieces. If you’re interested in purchasing a gold plated mouthpiece, please send me an email – I can order a gold plated mouthpiece for you.