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Daniel Alessi
0041 79 796 73 79

Morystrasse 40b
3970 Salgesch

Hi! My name is Daniel Alessi, trombone aficionado from Switzerland. Thanks for checking out my page!

I am a trombone collector since several years now and have bought and sold a lot of nice trombones. I started to sell some of the coolest horns I have in my collection as I needed to make space for other toys.

With time, Swisstbone evolved into something different, but still keeping that focus on desirable vintage and custom trombones. Swisstbone is now also a hub for new trombones, high end trombone mouthpieces etc. Believe me, it’s a lot of work but also great fun!

Are you looking for “that one special trombone”? Through the years I have established a big network and I am sure I can find you more or less all you want.

Got a great trombone for sale? I am more than happy to talk about it. Either I can publish it on my site or I may be interested in it myself.

So, stop reading, start writing me!


Robin Rinchard
0033 760 130 411

Robin Rinchard joins Swisstbone as a Sales representative in 2024!

Robin earned a unanimous 1st Prize in Trombone, along with Excellence and Virtuosity Prizes in 2006 at the National Conservatory of Rueil-Malmaison under Alain MANFRIN.

In 2006, he joined Michel BECQUET’s class at the Lausanne Conservatory.

In January 2010, he became a trombonist at the Royal Music of the Guides (Belgium), holding the position until 2016, when he joined the Royal Music of the Belgian Navy.

He’s a founding member of the Unit Brass Ensemble and the Just for Fun Trombone Ensemble.

His passion for events led him to create the “MAKE IT BRASS FESTIVAL” and the “MICHEL BECQUET INTERNATIONAL TROMBONE COMPETITION,” along with his brass management company, “BRASS MANAGER.”

Robin will stock Adams, Shires Q-Series and Y-fort trombones as well as AR Resonance mouthpieces. Products shipped and handled by Robin will be marked as “Shipped from France”.