Laskey Trombone Mouthpieces: Continuing the Tradition

Scott Laskey’s legacy in crafting trombone mouthpieces began in 1985, establishing him as a respected figure in the industry until his passing in 2018. In 2019, Backun Musical Services acquired Laskey’s company, taking on the responsibility of preserving his designs while infusing new life into the brand. Today, the company offers two distinct series: the Classic Series and the Alessi Signature Series – designed in collaboration with Joseph Alessi.

The Classic Series pays homage to Laskey’s original designs, faithfully recreating his craftsmanship. With options available for both tenor and bass trombone players, Laskey trombone mouthpieces from the Classic Series reflect the timeless appeal of Laskey’s work and remain popular choices among musicians worldwide.

On the other hand, the Alessi Signature Series represents a collaboration between Backun and Joseph Alessi, Principal Trombone of the New York Philharmonic. This series introduces six meticulously crafted tenor trombone mouthpieces, each a result of Alessi and Backun’s dedication to innovation while honoring Laskey’s legacy. Laskey trombone mouthpieces, both in the Classic Series and the Alessi Signature Series, continue to set the standard for excellence in the industry.

Whether musicians are drawn to the classic appeal of the Classic Series or the collaborative spirit of the Alessi Signature Series, Laskey trombone mouthpieces continue to uphold the standard of excellence in the industry. With their commitment to quality and tradition, Laskey mouthpieces remain a top choice for trombonists seeking exceptional performance and craftsmanship.

The chart below details the specs of all available Laskey tenor trombone mouthpieces.

ModelRim IDRim ODThroat IDBackbore IDCup depth
Alessi 55 SOLO25.5039.147.1611.13Mid-Shallow
Alessi 55 SYMPH25.5039.147.1611.13Mid-Deep
Alessi 60 SOLO26.0039.677.1611.13Mid-Shallow
Alessi 60 SYMPH26.0039.677.4411.13Mid-Deep
Alessi 67 SOLO26.7040.447.1611.13Mid-Shallow
Alessi 67 SYMPH26.7040.447.4411.13Mid-Deep
Classic 54M25.4038.996.7311.00Medium
Classic 57MD25.7039.247.1411.00Mid-Deep
Classic 57D25.7039.247.1411.00Deep
Classic 59MD25.9039.557.1411.00Medium
Classic 59D25.9039.557.1411.00Mid-Deep
Classic 85MD28.5039.737.4911.00Mid-Deep
Classic 90D29.0039.737.9211.00Deep
Classic 93D29.3040.087.9211.00Deep
Classic 95D29.5040.087.9211.00Deep

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Please note that I only carry silver plated large shank mouthpieces. If you’re interested in purchasing a gold plated mouthpiece, please send me an email – I can order a gold plated mouthpiece for you.