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Shires Blair Bollinger bass trombone

This baby eats trumpets for breakfast and french horns for dessert! Great symphonic sound! A Shires Blair Bollinger custom bass trombone with independent Axial valves, a Bollinger bell, a B62-78 BOL dual bore slide and three leadpipes (B2, B3 and 1.5). Valves and slide work great, some small spots

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Sold trombones

Here you can see some trombones I sold recently. If any of those trombones is of interest to you, contact me. I may well be able to source another one for you!

Kühnl & Hoyer Bart van Lier .500

And another Kühnl & Hoyer finds it's way to my shop! K&H developed 7 trombone models together with trombone soloist Bart van Lier. This is the model .500 with a yellow brass bell, nickel silver slide, extremeley ergonomic handgrip and a detachable counterweight wich looks really cool! This instrument

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Corporation Bach 42B with Instrument Innovations valve

This is a nice Corporation Bach 42B with an Instrument Innovations valve. Really good sounding horn. It does all you ask of a really good Bach. This one seems to have a beautiful sound built in... Don't know how to tell it otherwise, it just sings nicely in all

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