Category Students Bass

Ben Van Dijk announcing the winners

5: Park Changwon

4: Diogo Alexandre Taveira Silva

3: Carlos Orlando Amas Hernández

2: Eden Garza

1: Angus Butt

Category Students Tenor

György Gyivicsan announcing the winners

5: Joao Mendes Canelas

4: Rhyd Merin

3: Branimir Leòn

2: Jaehan Kim

1: Eryk Mencner

Category Young Talents Bass

James Markey announcing the winners

5: Jan Krujisse

4: Mario Andre Faria Machado

3: Chance Gompert

2: Reo Yamada

1: Ki Yoon Park

Category Young Talents Tenor

Megumi Kanda announcing the winners

5: Matthew Hermann

4: Yaoji Giuseppe Fu

3: Kesem Ninio

2: Lukas Helsel

1: Isobel Daws

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