Massimo Pirone – 11 Playalongs

Massimo Pirone – 11 Playalongs


Once your payment is cleared, you will get an email with a link to a .zip file with all the sheet music, the playalongs and recordings by Massimo playing the tunes.


11 Playalongs by Massimo Pirone. They are written in the style of our bass trombone hero’s! Swing, Jazz, Afro, Shuffle, Bozza… really interesting stuff!

The tunes are:

  • Dave’s Funky
  • George’s Town
  • Hixon’s Mind
  • Kenny’s Jacket
  • Lieb’s idea
  • Mitchell
  • Paul’s sounds
  • Phil
  • Raph’s legacy
  • Shades of Bill
  • Tony’s licks

These are not simple Playalongs as each tune gives space for improvising with chord symbols. As an example, here is the PDF of the tune Dave’s Funky.

Listen to Massimo playing some excerpts of those tunes here:

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