Looking for a vintage bass trombone? You have come to the right place! At swisstbone I sell some of the nicest custom or vintage bass trombones available!

Nice Conn 70H’s, an incredible Thein single valve etc. etc.

Conn 60H bass trombone

Conn 60H bass trombone2022-05-27T10:39:39+02:00

Kühnl & Hoyer Big Band Bass

Kühnl & Hoyer Big Band Bass2022-11-11T12:39:59+01:00

Shires Lone Star bass trombone

Shires Lone Star bass trombone2022-06-03T10:08:34+02:00

Thein Universal bass trombone

Thein Universal bass trombone2022-03-27T21:39:29+02:00

Yamaha YBL620G bass trombone

Yamaha YBL620G bass trombone2022-03-21T21:08:30+01:00

1934 Conn 70H, Dick Nash

1934 Conn 70H, Dick Nash2022-01-07T13:25:00+01:00

Silver Conn 70h

Silver Conn 70h2022-03-09T08:05:41+01:00

Corporation Bach 50BL

Corporation Bach 50BL2021-12-23T11:00:45+01:00

Lidl/Hagmann custom contrabass trombone

Lidl/Hagmann custom contrabass trombone2022-02-02T13:25:48+01:00

Yamaha YBL 620G bass trombone

Yamaha YBL 620G bass trombone2021-05-27T13:15:59+02:00
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