Bass trombone

Looking for a vintage bass trombone? You have come to the right place! At swisstbone I sell some of the nicest custom or vintage bass trombones available!

Nice Conn 70H’s, an incredible Thein single valve etc. etc.

Thein Universal bass trombone, Kruspe style

Thein Universal bass trombone, Kruspe style2024-04-19T07:26:49+02:00

Mount Vernon Bach 50b bass trombone

Mount Vernon Bach 50b bass trombone2023-02-11T21:22:30+01:00

Conn 60H bass trombone

Conn 60H bass trombone2022-05-27T10:39:39+02:00

Kühnl & Hoyer Big Band Bass

Kühnl & Hoyer Big Band Bass2022-11-11T12:39:59+01:00

Shires Lone Star bass trombone

Shires Lone Star bass trombone2022-06-03T10:08:34+02:00

Thein Universal bass trombone

Thein Universal bass trombone2022-03-27T21:39:29+02:00

Yamaha YBL620G bass trombone

Yamaha YBL620G bass trombone2022-03-21T21:08:30+01:00

1934 Conn 70H, Dick Nash

1934 Conn 70H, Dick Nash2022-01-07T13:25:00+01:00

Silver Conn 70h

Silver Conn 70h2022-03-09T08:05:41+01:00

Corporation Bach 50BL

Corporation Bach 50BL2021-12-23T11:00:45+01:00
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