Corporation Bach 42B with Instrument Innovations valve

This is a nice Corporation Bach 42B with an Instrument Innovations valve. Really good sounding horn. It does all you ask of a really good Bach. This one seems to have a beautiful sound built in... Don't know how to tell it otherwise, it just sings nicely in all ranges and all dynamics. The

Corporation Bach 42B with Instrument Innovations valve2020-10-02T10:47:31+02:00

1937 Conn 70H

Every once in a while I get an instrument that I know in advance I will have to save it. This is one such example. A silver plated Conn 70H from 1937. It came to me with very worn slide inners, but the sound was quite somehing! So I asked the people at Haag

1937 Conn 70H2020-04-03T07:10:09+02:00